STM has supplied 19 units of track maintenance vehicles to the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat in Uzbekistan


Trading House STM, a subsidiary of the Sinara Transport Machines (STM) Holding, has supplied twelve PM-820 USO flatcars with unified removable equipment and attachments, six VPM-770 hopper cars, and a single MPK powered flatcar to Eurasia’s largest gold and uranium producer - Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat (NMMC) in Uzbekistan. The vehicles that were manufactured completely at STM’s Russian factories have been already delivered to the foreign customer in the end of August.

Track maintenance vehicles were purchased in order to expand the railway infrastructure and modernize the existing railway tracks at NMMC’s production site within the context of the investment program for corporate development that runs until 2026. PM-820 USO flatcars with unified removable equipment and attachments are intended for transporting stacks of assembled track sections in a range from 12.5 m to 25 m long. VPM-770 hopper cars are used for efficient transportation of all kinds of ballast (track superstructure, consisting primarily of crushed stone), its power-actuated unloading and laying with batching and leveling capabilities. MPK powered flatcar is intended for the job of moving stacks of track sections as part of a track-laying train during construction or repairs, as well as for shunting operations. The MPK has a high-tech operator cabin equipped with an air conditioning, radio and a loud-speaking remote warning system, control and monitoring system, allowing it to be operated at temperatures ranging from -40ºC to + 50ºC.

According to Mr. Anton Zubikhin, STM’s Deputy General Director for Sales and General Director of STM’s Trading House, the delivered vehicles would serve as an effective tool for any type of construction or repairs that the NMMC may deem necessary in its railway system, which in the end would enhance the efficiency of operations of the Combinat as a whole and increase its production capacity. “Historically, our company works with the mining and metallurgical sector´s entities that operate on the 1520 gauge railways. For example, more than 3000 units of shunting locomotives manufactured by our company are being used in the metallurgical industry. We are well aware of the needs of our customers and are ready to support them with various solutions in the areas of specialized and shunting machinery, aftersales and infrastructure services,” - commented Anton Zubikhin.

STM Holding’s products are being successfully operated in 30+ countries. The company is implementing projects to strengthen its presence at such promising markets as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus and India. Over the past five years, STM has supplied to Uzbekistan UK 25/9 and UK 25/25 track cranes, powered flatcars, as well as VPR-02M track renewal machines. In 2018, a three-car version of the PSS-1K snow-clearing train was delivered to Uzbekiston Temir Yullari (Uzbekistan’s national railway company). In total, more than 120 units of traction rolling stock manufactured at the Lyudinovo Diesel Locomotive Factory (LTZ, Kaluga Region, is a part of the STM Holding) have already been exported to Uzbekistan.